Write a Planning Objection

Ridley Road is under threat from developers.

Ridley Road is a unique and thriving market that not only serves the community in the heart of Hackney, but also embodies a true celebration of diversity, spirit and independence in the borough.


At this very moment, a planning application for the largest building on the market (the Indoor Shopping Village) is in consultation with the council. The proposed development, if given planning permission, will carve into the incredible, yet fragile economic and social ecosystem of the market. It’s special social character will be lost forever! 


The development is based around unaffordable high-end apartments, office space and retail units that will divide the street, destroying its unique character. The irreversible knock-on effect will be the development of all the other buildings on the street. 

This development isn’t inevitable! 

With alternative investment, this building is perfectly poised to serve real community interests and support the market, at the heart of Hackney.


You can help stop this development and protect the market’s unique heritage.

Please take a few minutes to submit a planning objection!


All objections count!


Either by email: planning@hackney.gov.uk or Hackney's Planning Viewer

or post: Hackney Council, Planning and Regulatory Services, 2 Hillman Street, London E8 1FB

Make sure you write your address and the Reference:  2017/2897   
& address 51-63 Ridley Road, E8 2NP


Here are some ideas that you might wish to cover in your objection:

Change of use / Loss of Storage Facilities for Market Traders:

  • A loss of 90% of storage facilities.

  • Loss of storage for barrows.

  • Contradicts council policy: “to protect and promote” Ridley Road market.

  • Traders with have to use commercial vehicles, to bring stock to market, increasing congestion and air pollution.

  • Harms the traders’ ability to operate.

Extension of the ground floor onto pavement space:

  • Loss of meeting place.

  • No place to step away from the flow, re-pack a bag of shopping, make a phone call, attend to a baby. 

  • Loss of space that is an excellent sun-trap.

  • Creates corridor effect on the street.

Reducing the Units in the shopping village from 60 to 20:

  • Shop units will no longer be affordable for small independent traders.

  • Shop units will not be re-provided.

  • The variety of goods will be reduced.

  • Threat to unique ethnic businesses. 

  • Loss of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Loss of Studio Space for 60 artists and designers:

  • Unaffordable office space will replace Studios.

  • Studio space will not be replaced.

  • Against Mayor of London’s aim to support the creative industries.


5 new Luxury penthouse apartments:

  • We don’t need more unaffordable homes.

  • Evidenced need is for social rented housing.

  • Socially divisive in an area specifically catering for low income groups.

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