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Ongoing- Open Dalston

24 August 2022 - Hackney Gazette:

"Market closure postponed as traders offered lease agreement"


17 August 2022 - Hackney Gazette:

"Left in limbo – traders face silence as lease deadline looms"

15 August 2022 -  Hackney Citizen:

‘Worried and depressed’: Traders at Ridley Road Shopping Village call for better communication as council prepares to take over the lease"

10 February 2022 - The New Statesman:

"The battle for Britain’s vanishing food markets intensifies as the cost of living soars"

25 August 2020 - Hackney Citizen:

“Only one Ridley Road’: Campaigners fighting to safeguard market release five-point manifesto”


24 January 2020 - Hackney Gazette:

“Strangled by red tape' - Ridley Road Market traders respond to consultation on licence conditions”

24 January 2020 - Hackney Citizen:

“More regulations than Brexit’: Ridley Road traders hit out at Town Hall’s market plans”

18 January 2020 - Conscious Collective:

"Time to Say Goodbye"

19 December, 2019 - Hackney Gazette:

“Ridley Road Market: Long-standing traders battling with council management team”

05 December, 2019 - Hackney Citizen:

"Ridley Road resistance continues as community plan mooted for shopping village”

04 December, 2019 - Hackney Gazette:

"Ridley Road Market traders fear hike in pitch fees and tough new regulations will force them out"

12 September, 2019 - Hackney Gazette:

"Photographer Tamara zooms in on Ridley Road Market's past, present and future”

27 August, 2019 - Hackney Citizen:

"Ridley Road Market, Tamara Stoll, book review: ‘Eight-year labour of love that captures the soul of a Hackney institution"

17 July, 2019 - Hackney Gazette:

"Ridley Road Shopping Village: Revised plans submitted by owners"

05 May, 2019 - PSHIFT Films:

"The Faceless Ones"

30 April, 2019 - Hackney Gazette:

"Under The Cranes: Rio film screening to support #SaveRidleyRoad campaign”

27 March, 2019 - Hackney Gazette:

“Gillet Square festival will raise money for Ridley Road's Indoor Shopping Village traders”

26 March, 2019 - Hackney Citizen:

"Battle to save Ridley Road Shopping Village continues with weekend festival"

28 January, 2019 - RT

“Traders could face mass evictions from Ridley Road shopping village”

24 January, 2019 - INDEPENDENT:

"If Ridley Road Market closes down, there will be no going back for east London"

19 January, 2019 - Novara Media:

“Activists in East London Are Fighting to Stop Property Developers Destroying a Dalston Market”

19 January, 2019 - ALJAZEERA:

“Ridley Road: The slow death of an East London street market”

22 November, 2019 - Hackney Gazette:

“Ridley Road Shopping Village: Traders under threat AGAIN as they are hit with ultimatum by owners”

31 October, 2018 - Hackney Gazette:

“Ridley Road Shopping Village: Phil Glanville tells owners to draw up fresh plans if they want to redevelop market”

29 October, 2018 - Hackney Gazette:

"Ridley Road Shopping Village: Traders thank community for support at packed protest following reprieve"

29 October, 2018 - Morning Star:

“Ridley Road market wins brief reprieve as traders allowed to stay till Christmas”

28 October, 2018 - JOE.CO.UK:

"Traders at London's historic Ridley Road Shopping Village forced to leave as police close the arcade due to anti social behaviour"

27 October, 2018 - Evening Standard:

"Traders campaigning to stay at historic east London market win last minute reprieve after owners threatened eviction"

25 October, 2018 - Hackney Gazette:

“Ridley Road Shopping Village: Market owners working to STOP closure”

24 October, 2018 - Hackney Gazette:

“Editor's comment: LP33 is serious stuff (despite the diagrams)”

23 October, 2018 - Hackney Gazette:

“Ridley Road Shopping Village: Traders battle to stay as mayor of Hackney slams 'betrayal' by managers”

17 October, 2018 - Hackney Gazette:

"Editor's comment: Just whose screw-up is this anyway?”


15 October, 2018 - Hackney Gazette:

"Dalston's Ridley Road Shopping Village to close over drugs and ASB - traders given fortnight to leave"

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