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Presently the traders have received

* A two week notice of eviction

* A new contract adding extra costs and a 15 day eviction period. They were told if they didn't sign within 7 days their shops would be secured.

* A second new contract with the extra costs removed, again they were given 7 days to sign.

* A letter proposing a third new contract and another 7 days to sign.

Many of the traders have been in their shops for decades, the jewellers have been there since 1984 - 34 years!

We believe that many of them are entitled to protections that would allow at least 6 months notice of eviction, but we are facing mounting legal costs to support the traders' case. Please help by contributing to our Crowdjustice campaign which is a contribution directly to legal fees. 

We have a target of £3000 and are past the £2k mark. If we don't reach the target though we receive no funding at all so please share the link with your friends and contribute if you are able to. This is a powerful tool to help the smallest of independent businesses fight back.

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