Support Ridley Road - take part in Hackney Council's consultation on the 'Dalston Plan' which closes on 30/08/21

We, the Save Ridley Road campaign, are raising alarm over the potential impact of Hackney Council’s Dalston Plan on the viability of Ridley Road market. Plans to build almost 500 new residences on the site of the Kingsland Road Shopping Centre will irrevocably alter the character of Dalston as a whole. This would be the equivalent of a whole new Dalston Square dropped onto the existing shopping centre on Kingsland Road.

Recent history shows that no matter what Hackney Council says, these will be overwhelmingly luxury flats for private sale. The knock-on effect on Ridley Road next door will be counted in demographic shifts, noise complaints and further private development on Ridley Road itself – and already the Council is saying it wants to ‘design out’ crime and install dozens of new CCTV cameras on the market.


Simply put, this is gentrification in action.

The Dalston Plan* includes a commitment to “Maintain and improve Ridley Road market and its character”. Campaigners say that the Plan characterises the market using vague and negative statements, and fails to take account of the impact on the market of large-scale private development in its immediate vicinity. We are calling for a more constructive approach, which focuses on listening to existing traders and market users, providing funding for local business initiatives, and building more homes for social rent.  


We are asking for your help to input into the council’s consultation here**. Thank you!